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It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…

It’s been a while since Sean has been on the bike and The Juice Cycling Club wanted to welcome him back on the saddle with a proper come back ride. The turn out was great! It’s rare for me to see different groups of riders that i know through the shop all on one ride together. I was really impressed seeing John and Mok of VCR/GFunk did the whole ride on fixed gear bikes. Mok’s gearing combo was 48/15, which is insane. The ride kinda ended on a sour note but everything is going to be alright.

Our wonderful photographer John. This is one of the gentlemen that rode GMR fixed.

Shortly after the above photo was taken, a tire exploded and caused Mike Snack’s tire to roll off the rim. Going 40 during a tire a blow out is really scary to watch, so i can’t imagine how Mike felt when the tire malfunctioned. After the incident Mike had me rolling. He was more concerned about how he ripped his Furnace Creek 508 Jersey than the fact that he was going to be air lifted out of there.

After he was diagnosed, he was in high spirits and joking around with his friends on the internet. He was quoted saying, “riding bike is still fun!”

All photos taken by John Maniquis.


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