The Juice Cycling Club
Keepin it real real


First up the Ritte Bosberg. I like this one for the color choice
and the tastefully placed logos.

The Affinity booth had a good mix of bikes on display, from your
aluminum track machine, to a prop from a major motion picture
about being a bike messenger. I would love to test out a Kessina
at Encino.

I.Fab. Enough said.

Mixed feelings about Biacnchi’s line up this year. I’m stoked that they
are coming out with an affordable DT shifting road bike soon, but the
brands legendary pista frame seems to be having an identity crisis.

But they did have this one. Everthing was win until I took a closer look at
rear drop out. It seems like that was the one detailed that was overlooked,

Here are many detailed photos of Peter Diantoni‘s bike. I’m a huge fan of
COG magazine and have been a loyal reader for some time now. Look at the
little details of this bike. Nerd Alert! I love this bike.

I pledge allegiance to the SRAM.

Look, Boobies.

The best for last. Made to order, 0 out of 40 Phil Wood Ti Track frame.


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