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Lord of Griffith II

What a beautiful way to wind down the weekend, than to race amongst your close friends in Southern California’s beautiful weather. The race was one for the books. Sean Martin (TOLA) did an amazing job of organizing the event and compiling a prize pot worth racing for. There was an Aluminum Pake track frame up for grabs to go to the Lord of Griffith. Wolf Pack set the tone for hard races and seeing more difficult ones like this in Los Angeles is exactly what the bicycle community needs.

Sean Martin was the Master Mind behind this intense race. I felt obligated to race this since he participated in my Summer Games race a month back.
Thanks to this guy, the race went off with out a hitch. Amazing! 54 racers were rumored participating.

Juice kits made a debut at this race. An overwhelming feeling of pride came over me when i suited up in this kit.

The leading peloton.

Orange 20 shop rats can beat any of your shop rats. i’ll put money on that.

The real Griffith Park guru!

Hern has the most victories in Los Angeles Street racing, hands down. There is a reason he wears a Mash kit to the track. He’s earned it.

Sammy is a fucking beast. Class of 69′ Alumni. It’s always a pleasure loosing to you in the velodrome.

New Orange 20 bike club kit. The Juice in full effect. This is what lap 3 looks like.

Tracko wheeling across the finish line.

Congratulations to Bud! He is the Lord Of Griffith.

Thanks to Devon Tsuno for the pictures!


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