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Leadville 100 Race Report by Gerry Cody

Last week I finagled my way out of work and road tripped up to Leadville Colorado to crew for my buddy Gerry. The Leadvile 100 has to be the most insane mountain bike race on the planet. Its unique mixture of pros mixed with average joes makes it one of the most sought after events for cycling enthusiasts and its out and back course layout makes it the sketchiest race in America. Imagine if they let 2000 people sign up to race Paris-Roubaix and in the most extreme part of the course they turned the racers around and had them ride straight at the rest of the field on a 4 foot wide single track. If you can imagine that, then you can imagine Leadville. Gerry started preparing for this years madness the day after he crossed the line in 25th place at last year’s Leadville 100. Codyman promised to kick major ass this year and he did not disappoint. Read below to get an idea of what it was like rubbing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best cyclists of all time.

Sean T

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Race Report
Hey everyone,
I finally have a steady internet connection here in Durango. Let’s get to it! The days leading up to the race were a bit concerning. Why? RAIN! However, Mother Leadville gave us a break, and brought out her Sunday’s best! Clear blue sky at the starting line. No need for a vest. My Dad, “Pops” was with my bike at the starting line, so I could be at the house warming up on the trainer. If you happen to see any of the race day photos at the starting line, play a game of “where’s Pops?” and see if you can spot him. He’s wearing a beanie and reading glasses that belonged to the leader of the Hell’s Angels……. so he says. He stayed there in the thick of things, holding my bike. The day was off to a perfect start, with perfect positioning. Last year I had to claw my way up to the front, and by that time, the lead group was too far away. We headed out on the course and like a pack of rabid wolves in search for a fat white rabbit, we put pedals down, and headed for St. Kevin’s!
The guys meant business today, from what I could see, JHK, Matt Shriver, Levi, and Jeremiah Bishop were at the front and hammering. Tinker was behind me, and Dave Weins was in front of me. A rookie in a race legend sandwich, we pedaled up the loose rocky climb. The scattered field regrouped at the beginning of the Sugarloaf climb. I found my seat at the back of the bus, and was happy to be there. The pace was hotter than your momma’s brake pads after a descent from Pike’s Peak! Hot! Coming from the world of downhill racing, I knew that if I got dropped on the climb to Powerline, I wouldn’t panic. I can descend well, and I could make up lost time there.
Sure enough, that’s how it unfolded. The group of 9 guys gapped me by about 30 seconds, and before I knew it, I was coming up on a black kit that read, “Nissan” right across the ass. It was Levi! I was stoked. “I’m riding behind Levi freakin’ Leipheimer,” I said. We popped out on the pavement and regrouped. There was 10 of us, me being number 10. Not too much longer I hear, “Welcome,…….you’re in a good group today my friend!” It was Jeremiah Bishop spinning his bright yellow shoes into a glowing blur. “We are already ahead of last year’s pace!” I had to remain focused. I could have easily sat there and got my “nerd on” and started asking them questions about bikes, racing, advice, random facts on twitter,,,,, but I had to stay focused. The pack stayed together until the Twin Lakes aid station. Some of the guys had to pee, and with me being in the back, it was like trying to run through a front yard without being hit by the summer sprinklers! “Don’t piss on my bike Bishop” I thought. Then I thought, I drafted off of these guys for the past 40 miles, I guess if some pee hits my bike, I will just have to be thankful. Haha! We climbed Columbine to mile 50. Well, I shouldn’t say “we” so freely. Levi and JHK ignited the jets and were moon-bound. Bishop and Weins followed suit. Jay Henry, Matt Shriver, and Alex Grant were up there somewhere too. The climb seemed endless. I just tried to stay in my own world and race my own race. Once the descent came, I was back in my element and felt comfortable again. Getting in some fluids and Gu was tricky but mandatory. I had a top speed of 49 miles an hour down Columbine on the section near the “Hot Dog salesman.” At the bottom, I found myself passing at that time, a tired Matt Shriver. I know that sounds weird, how can Matt Shriver be tired? At Twin Lakes aid station inbound, my brother in law gave me a great feed handoff. No need to stop. I met up with Alex Grant, and we rode together for approximately 10 miles. Low and behold, the galloping thunder-hooves of Matt Shriver were approaching. He joined us, and we all worked together to try to bring in Jay Henry. That guy was on a mission because we never even so much as got his dust. He was gone. The three of us rode together until halfway up Powerline. Super steep, and packed with fans, it was a burner. Matt slowly pulled away at his own pace, and Alex began to fade a bit behind me. Strung out again. I was alone for a while after that. Approaching the Carter Lake, mini aid station, my buddy Sean T said that he had me by 2 minutes. Riding through St. Kevin’s I felt recharged knowing that the finish line was quickly approaching. I felt fast. While riding down the second to last descent, I came into some shade and didn’t see the sharp rock that bent my rear wheel and punctured the tire! “Unbelievable” I yelled. I pulled the wheel off, and through in a tube. I left my arm warmers there too unfortunately. I was back on the bike after a 5 minute detour. I just had to be cool, watch my lines extra close, and get home. With 2 miles to go, the tire went soft. I stopped and hit it with the remaining air that I had in the can. It lasted for about 100 yards. I was now riding on the rim! Lance style! With the finish line in sight, Alex passed me and said, “Oh that sucks!” Yes Alex, it did suck! Hahaha I limped in and Hi-fived my two nephews that were waiting for me at the red carpet. It was over. 9th place. Last year, 25th place. Success. 7:02:47
There are so many people that helped me this year that made this possible. I am going to now attempt to list em,,,,,

First off I thank God that I even have an able body that can take on such challenges. The truth, straight up. My girl Amber who is cool with all of my riding and training 90% of the time, every time…..haha. My Pops who taught me not only how to ride a bike, but what it means to be a Mountain Biker. Mom, Bro, you’ll be here next year. The Murrill’s, you stepped up huge and delivered above and beyond. Wayne and Connie, the Love and support from you guys means so much to me, thank you! SeanT, thanks for having my back man, the advice, the laughs etc Get well man. Josh Martin from Party-Fit Inc. Nate Whitman, it was an awesome year of prep, strategy and implementation. Great job man, and thanks for everything! Don’s Bikes of Rialto for the bike, and for picking up the tab on the race entry’s! Tim, the Libby’s, Chris, Cy, Lisa, Jeff and the rest of the Don’s team, thank you. Get well Bender! Adam, Durner, Patrick, Daniel and the rest of the Carmichael Training Crew, huge thanks! Brian, Chris and Kathy from Cycles of Life in Leadville, you saved my arse, numerous times up there! Thank you to Sue, and Christy for the great food at Zigg’s. Thanks to the La Grange gang back home for the training, Velo 605, PAA Remax, Foes Racing, Team Imai, Sylvain, Hillary and Bella, Hobey Smith you rock! Last but not least, Thank You to YOU for checkin’ in and reading up on a guy, a regular guy, that wants to just ride his bike as fast as he can! Until next time!

“You’re better than you think you are, and can do more than you think you can!” -Ken Chlouber,


2 Responses to “Leadville 100 Race Report by Gerry Cody”

  1. Congrats gerry! inspiration. thats all i can say …Now you have to go and rock the Downieville classic , All Mountain category ..I know you got that…

  2. You’re a beast!

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