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R.I.P. Laurent Fignon


The two time winner of the Tour died yesterday at the age of 50 from cancer. He will be remembered as a champion and as one of the only winners to confess to illegal drugs. Defiantly read his book, “We Were Young and Unconcerned”. Advertisements

Ripe For The Picking


It is definitely cycle cross season. Here is Tracko getting doused by Woody’s gargantuan hand. What a good time to spin spokes and tell jokes.

Bite the dust, then reach for the stars


Here is an excerpt from an article that Michael Barry has written for VeloNews. We found it interesting because it talks about the trials and tribulations during his races. “Dozens of riders will cross the finish line covered in blood. After scrubbing the wounds with brushes and antiseptics the team doctors will patch us up. […]

The Juice Vs. Chaingang


This looks like this might be a reoccurring theme on the Wednesday Intro To Track Class.



Robin Williams is officially “Juiced” stolen from TRACKO

Lord of Griffith II


What a beautiful way to wind down the weekend, than to race amongst your close friends in Southern California’s beautiful weather. The race was one for the books. Sean Martin (TOLA) did an amazing job of organizing the event and compiling a prize pot worth racing for. There was an Aluminum Pake track frame up […]

Leadville 100 Race Report by Gerry Cody


Last week I finagled my way out of work and road tripped up to Leadville Colorado to crew for my buddy Gerry. The Leadvile 100 has to be the most insane mountain bike race on the planet. Its unique mixture of pros mixed with average joes makes it one of the most sought after events […]

Greetings From Leadville


What a great town for bicycles. One more day until the big 100.

A Throw Of The Dice


Historically, ‘The Hell of the North’ was not referring to the sheer pain and torment the cyclists of the Paris-Roubaix must endure to complete the 275km race. It was a newspaper caption describing the landscape when the race was resumed after WW1 – charred forests, open sewers – a completely decimated and blackened horizon. Run […]

Chasing Legends in LA


This week end there will be a screening at Cinespace of Chasing Legends. Judging from the previews, this film will be an intimate look into the world of Le Tour. Showing you, up close and personal what these athletes do. Suffer for 3 weeks straight. Presale tickets are $10 and $12 at the door. Tell […]

Kick Ass Gerry


Juice Member and all around bicycle bad ass Gerry Cody has been in Leadville for the past month putting in work. He will be racing the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race on August 14th. Gerry is now officially running with the big guns of mountain biking (reference video). Check out his blog and say […]

Hell of The West Returns


This is going to be awesome. The new sponsor “Quiznos” is said to fork out some major Cheddar in hopes to rival the Tour of California. I will admit that beer makes for a much better sponsor then a sandwich. found on velonews

Radioshack or Steroidioshack?


The N.Y. times is reporting three former teammates will confess to Lance using illegal drugs during his career. If the courts find Armstong guilty of using steroids, this will finally confirm that the 7 time tour winner does in fact have one really small testicle. Things to look forward to if Lance is found guilty- […]



Do you like it? We love it! found here

When pigs fly.


Tony’s first time riding around brakeless. Ace got a bike with gears and brakes.



I was browsing through a couple of my favorite blogs and came accross some amazing photos of professional athletes doing what they do. The photographers name is Kristof Ramon, and his flickr set has some amzing shots of Le Tour, some velodrome racing as well as some cyclocross.

Good morning starshine…


…the earth says hello.