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Stick it in me

Try to think back to the last time another cyclist passed you on a ride/race?  Did he sound like he had a remote control car up his butt?  if so, you may be the victim of motorized doping!   I know it seems hard to believe, but even our beloved Spartacus has recently been accused of taking part (please refrence video 1).  One good thing to think about is now people with a fear of needles can cheat at cycling as well.

After watching the video about Fabian’s motorcycle ride through Roubaix, I decided to continue my investigation and uncovered some shocking evidence.  Motorized doping is real and not just in the bicycles, some of todays top cyclists may not be cyclists at all……they are robots!  You may find this hard to beleive, just as I did, but once you watch the proof below (video 2) and listen to one of these robots talk (video 3) you will see the proof.

Video via Cozy Bee Hive


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