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Snoop Dizzle’s Message to Lance


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360° view


Here’s a little follow up on our previous post. saw it on Tracko.

Bike fART.


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Phil Liggett Is A Pimp!


Just Sayin Via Velo News

Who’s fans of the juice?


Floyd Landis shops at Sport Chalet!!!


This arrogant bastard is independent. via VeloNews.



read all about it watch it here

When “To Much Free Time” Goes Wrong


For your viewing pleasure, we have supplied the appropriate soundtrack to the video below. All you have to do is play both videos at the same time. You are welcome (in advance).

Amateur Doping On The Rise…


Sign us up! “Imagine boisterous, beer-bellied factory guys morphing into hair-trigger monsters jacked up on HGH so they can swat homers in their Sunday softball league, or a bingo grandmas dosing on Adderall so they can cover more cards down at the church. If there are cyclists willing to dope to win a pair of […]

Michael Barry makes for good reading


As I lie in bed, the surges I pushed out hours earlier can still be felt in my aching legs. My mind is at ease but my body is still racing to recover from the effort. The muscles twitch. Our bodies are becoming thin. We don’t recognize how we have morphed in the past few […]

Beyond The Peleton: Roubaix 2010


Wanna know what its like to eat Swiss dust? Just ask Thor!

Only $9,800 for Frame & Fork


Stolen from Tracko.

Carbon Fiber Everything!


It was a bit dissapointing to see the chain was made of metal, but maybe they wanted part of the bike to look “retro.” Be sure to check back next week and see the new Carbon Bib Shorts with Raw Carbon Chamois Pads!!! Via here



You will never be forced to ride a bike outside again! EEEEEEEEWWWWW YEAAAA Stolen fromBike Snob NYC

And speaking of Greg…


Before Lance… we had Greg!


“Fignon came up and patted me on the shoulder and congratulated me on my second place. It’s funny though, because he and I have had the same coach and one of the rules he drummed into us was that the race is never over until the finish line.” There was no pain by Greg Lemond […]

Colnago x Fireflies


This Summer the Fireflies celebrate their 10th anniversary and to mark the occasion a limited run of custom Colnago Master X-Lights and EPS frames have been constructed. Rapha Cycle Club hosted the arrival of the bikes, which will be ridden by the Fireflies in the French Alps as they bid to raise one million pounds […]

Rapha Lapha Ding Dong


Espresso and cycling go hand in hand. It must be nice to have a hot espresso waiting for you while you’re cooling down on the side of the road. I guess the juice needs to step their game up and get a van with juicer in it. via Rapha

L.O.L. Lance


Stick it in me


Try to think back to the last time another cyclist passed you on a ride/race?  Did he sound like he had a remote control car up his butt?  if so, you may be the victim of motorized doping!   I know it seems hard to believe, but even our beloved Spartacus has recently been accused of taking […]